Our Story

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Garnett Creek Farm, nestled between the soaring Palisades cliffs and the beautiful Garnett Creek on the Valley floor, is the inspiration for Sebright Cellars.

Garnett Creek Farm was part of the McPherson Ranch which was created under the Humana Spanish land grant. The historic 1881 farm house and water tower on Garnett Creek Farm were originally surrounded by vineyards which were replaced by walnut orchards during Prohibition. In 2005 the Sebright Cellars Reserve Cabernet vineyard was planted. The vineyard is planted in our volcanic soil which provides for excellent drainage and yields intensely flavored fruit.

In addition to growing grapes, Garnett Creek Farm continues with its 135 years of farming tradition, producing olives, honey and eggs. We also raise the beautiful English Silver Sebright bantams which adorn Sebright Cellars labels.

The farming philosophy at Garnett Creek Farm is to interfere with nature as little as possible and to be the best possible stewards of the land. We use sustainable and biodynamic practices, including dry farming as much as possible.

Sebright Cellars is named for the rare and award winning Silver Sebright bantam chickens that are raised here at Garnett Creek Farm. Garnett Creek Farm has been a working farm and vineyard since the 1880s. In choosing the name, Sebright Cellars, we wanted something integral to the history and heritage of the property.

These beautiful, regal birds embody the spirit and vitality of the wines we produce at Sebright Cellars.